Brickwork and Brick Chimney Repair

Long Brick Path

For a mason brickwork is the basic, we at Dayco take pride in our mastery of these basic techniques because even though it is the stepping stone of a good mason. There is also a huge level of skill required to achieve almost perfect symmetry with imperfect building supplies.

We excel in constructing and repairing brickwork in:

  • brick steps
  • piers
  • planter boxes
  • sidewalks
  • front entrances
  • stoops
  • chimneys
  • water damaged facia
  • window sill low rock

We use a variety of techniques to best achieve our clients expected results.


Chimney Repair Completion

Chimney’s in Minneapolis typically go bad from the top down. In nearly all cases, the deterioration is caused by age and water intrusion. In Minnesota, compared to other areas the mortar just simply doesn’t last as long because of the severity of the winters.

March is the toughest month on a chimney.

There are lots of great brick layers in The Twin Cities, but a truly great chimney mason understands the physics of how a chimney moves exhaust gases from the heat source safety to the atmosphere.

Why Dayco?

Dayco is uniquely qualified because we are exceptionally skilled brick masonry company, that started repairing chimneys because the need was so great. Our brickwork is where our skills were first. We’ve got a generation of brickwork experience. Other companies started as chimney sweeps and started doing brickwork because there was a need, but brickwork is their secondary skill.

Over the years, we’ve secured our CSIA certification and have sent our lead installers across the country on multiple occasions to receive advanced training in chimney repair. We able to achieve great success with the most difficult to access jobs as well as large jobs. We can do the jobs that other companies won’t consider.


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